Best DTF Printers For Beginners in 2022

Textek A3 DTF Printer

A world without printers is like a world without colors. It brings life to images. Textek owns EPSON XP600 and Epson I3200-A1 DTF printer, these printers transmits custom designs onto T-shirts efficiently. It prints attracting pattern on pet film and transfer onto T-shirts, hats, sport suits, bags, canvas shoes with a heat-press mechanism. The stop switch allows you to cut off the power during an emergency. Integrated paper pressing wheel, paper feeding more smoothly.

A3 DTF printer also called direct to film printer uses Epson original XP600 print heads, with more stable performance and guaranteed quality. A3 DTF shirt printer has a front and rear heating system and is equipped with an independent thermostat to monitor and adjust the temperature in real time, making it more convenient for customers to use.

Textek A3 DTF printer supports CMYK+W+Fluorescent ink printing. At the same time, in order to prevent the white ink from clogging the print head, we are equipped with a white ink circulation stirring system to effectively prevent it. A3DTF printer, small size, low cost, which is very suitable for personalized customization, with low input cost and high profit.

Many distributors and customers said what they mostly afraid is the maintenance in the production process, cause the cost of maintenance over their budget, even over the machine itself. We know this point is one of the key to DTF printer, so we can guarantee it will need minimum maintenance, totally feel free to use it, no worry about the damage or maintenance, in case, we provide best after-sale service to reduce your worry. It is the best choice for beginner or young enterprise.

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