How much does a DTF machine cost?

Factors that Affect on the Price of DTF Printer

  1. Applications

The price of a DTF printer largely depends on your application. For different applications, DTF printers are equipped with different technologies. That’s the reason why DTF printers’ prices range from about $2,000 to more than $10,000.

If you’re a medium/small business owner with a limited budget looking for affordable DTF printers, the ones ranging from $2000-$6000 will certainly meet your needs. The final price is depended on your requirement for the DTF printer. For example, if you want the top printing performance, maybe you should choose a better print head that is more expensive.

If you’re a factory owner looking for DTF printers that can achieve mass production with high industrial quality, then large size DTF printers may be your first choice.

  • Technologies and Configurations

As mentioned, the utilized technologies and configuration also affect on the price of DTF printers. Here are some useful techniques:

  • Micro-piezo inkjet technology, which allows accurate images restoration with light/oxidation/water/scratch resistance.
  • White ink automatic circulation which prevents the nozzle from clogging
  • Preheat function.
  • Temperature and humidity sensor.
  • The above would be a portion of all the technologies that have been applied to DTF printers, but they are a very important and essential technology for business owners to ensure what they print out is of good quality.
  •  Services: after sales/guarantee

The quality of after-sales service and the warranty period affect on the price virtually. These two factors increase the cost of the supplier and finally the cost will be transferred to consumers. But you can also find some conscientious sellers selling their DTF/UV/UV DTF printers at a very reasonable price with a longer warranty and better after-sales services. On the contrary, some are selling their printer at higher prices but with shorter warranty periods and poor services.

What You’ll Need to Cost?

  • Inkjet printer modified for DTF printing with 6 ink channels CMYK+White.
  • Special inks for DTF printing: these very elastic inkjet inks prevent the print from cracking when stretching the garment after printing.
  • DTF film: it’s the surface on which you print your design.
  • DTF powder: it acts as an adhesive between the inks and the cotton.
  • RIP software: necessary to print CMYK and white-coloured layers correctly because, as mentioned before, the printer has been modified and wouldn’t be able to print in the correct order by itself.
  • Heat press: This device helps transfer the printed image from your film to the desired surface or fabric. You can also use this machine to melt powder on your DTF film.

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