What do you need for DTF transfer?

What Is DTF Printer?

What’s the DTF printer? The definition is to directly print on the film. Then the patterns can be transferred to the garment from the films. The biggest advantage of DTF printers is the texture without limitation. Different with other printing machines, such as sublimation printers or DTG printers, DTF printers have its irreplaceable merits, which can be applied into cotton, polyester, Synthetic and blended fabric. What’s more, it doesn’t have color limits that both light and dark fabrics are suitable to print.

Now that you know about DTF printing and what you can achieve with it, you may be wondering what equipment you need and how much of an investment it will be for your business.

What Is Required for DTF Transfer?

You will need 8 things: DTF printer, DTF printer ink, DTF PET film, DTF powder, Powder shaker machine, Curing Oven, RIP software, and a heat press. We provide all of these:

  1. Printer: Printers that are modified to be DTF printers or specifically built for DTF printers. These printers usually work with CMYK + White Inks. 
  2. Ink: The inks used by a DTF printer are different from conventional ones. DTF pigment inks are water-based and four colors, cyan, magenta, yellow and black with the addition of an extra color, white. White ink is the necessary component of this method, and is used as a base on which the color design is printed and gives the possibility of the correct application of the glue on the design. We also offer fluorescent color. Our ink is 1kg/bottle, shelf life 1 year, 99% purity.
  3. Film: This Films serve as the base for the inks and powder to sit on, similar to  films used for heat transfer vinyl printing. These films are usually have a thickness of around 0.75mm thickness for efficiency of the transfer of heat from the heat press’s heating element through the film and to wards the melting powder. 
  4. Powder: DTF powder has been specifically formulated for use with DTF printing. Our powders offer superb adherence, great wash ability.
  5. Powder shaker machine: DTF powder shaker machine is suitable for T-shirt printing. powder shaker machines are usually used with DTF transfer printer and hot melt powder, stable, dry thoroughly. It has the effects of no cracking, no foaming, no ink spillage, no edge seepage, and even powder shaking. High productivity, multiple functions: loose powder, shake powder, drying, exhaust, cleaning, winding, etc.
  6. Curing Oven: This is a small industrial oven used to melt the printer’s hot melt powder and then place it on the transfer film. Alternatively, you can use a hot press to achieve this function. However, it helps if you use a hot press in a contactless mode.
  7. Heat Press Machine: This device helps transfer the printed image from your film to the desired surface or fabric. You can also use this machine to melt powder on your DTF film.
  8. RIP software: Necessary to print CMYK and white-coloured layers correctly because, as mentioned before, the printer has been modified and wouldn’t be able to print in the correct order by itself. Maintop, Photo print, etc.

With direct film transfers, you can print brilliant full-color prints on cotton and black garments, and they will have good wash ability. It will also be possible to print many designs quickly and efficiently to keep your business going. Thanks to the affordable startup cost, DTF printing technology is arguably the best way to start your print operations with virtually any placement on garments.

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