Is Converted DTF printer a good choice?

Many our clients used a converted DTF printer, but they finally find out it is a hard way to use a converted DTF printer. Some of my customers said “I have never ending issues with my current dtf printer and it’s costing more time to maintain then getting a print.” ” I have a converted L805 I only used a few times but it doesn’t work due to clogged print head. All colors work except white, also I don’t like that it only does small prints. so I’m wanting to upgrade soon.” From those feedback of using a converted DTF printer finds that converted printer easily clogged, and short circui, needing a lot time to maintenance and once break down, hardly repaired. Meanwhile, the converted printer cannot meet their printing demands, small printing size. Therefore, finally they have to buy a real DTF printer for high work efficiency and achieve a better printing goal.  

Since I talked with many clients I knew that some printers can be converted to become a DTF Printer.  Is it on earth converting a printer more beneficial or purchasing one?

If you are a beginner to start your business, and has very little budget, just a small try in printing business, you can try from converted DTF printer. You will need more maintenance than just shaking the white ink everyday. The less maintenance you do, the faster your equipment will become unusable. We print everyday with our industrial printers that are made for DTF and still spend 10 minutes everyday for maintenance on each printer. Even with good maintenance and consistent usage, problems will come up that will require parts to be replace. Therefore, if you are not sure to do printing business, just a small try, converted DTF printer would be a cheap choice. But converted DTF printer never ever a good choice to printing business, if you want to expand your business.

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