How to Heat Press Your DTF Print?

What temperature should heat press transfer paper be?

Heat press temperature should be set to 325 Fahrenheit.

Prior to heat pressing, hover the heat press over the transfer INK SIDE UP as close as you can without touching the transfer and allow the transfer to warm up for 30-60 seconds and this process will remove moisture from the transfer. This moisture in the ink builds up during the mailing process.

Do Not Use A Cover Sheet!

Use Medium to Heavy Pressure to press the transfer on the shirt for 15 seconds, wave the shirt a few times to cool it down, or use a cooling jig. Each press is different and using our Insta 256, we can peel in 10 seconds. This will not be the case for you. Best to do a cool peel.

Repress without a cover sheet if you would like to do a second press? However, There is no need to use a cover sheet after you’ve peeled the transfer, press again for 5-10 seconds without a cover sheet! We stress not using a cover sheet as direct heat is best for these transfers.

If printing small print or small text, Press for 25 seconds using heavy pressure and let the transfer cool completely before peeling. If for any reason that the print begins to lift off the shirt, usually due to an inexpensive heat press Don’t freak out, stop peeling and press it again. Most likely your heat press has uneven pressure and heat.

DTF Printing Pressing Instructions

Set heat press to 275-300 depending on your press. Start with a lower temperature and increase if needed. Pre Press the shirt/material for 5 seconds to remove moisture. Center transfer on shirt/material and press for 15 seconds. These transfers are a cold peel so as soon as you have finished pressing for the 15 seconds, remove the shirt from the heat press with the transfer still attached and set aside until completely cooled. After cooled, slowly remove film and repress shirt for 5 seconds.

Cotton Fabrics :120 degree Celsius,15 seconds

Polyester : 115 degree Celsius, 5 seconds

Prepress your shirts to remove moisture for a few seconds.

Press you shirt using the time and temp indicated above. After the first press let the shirt cool down (Cold peel) and peel the film.

Repress it again with a parchment paper on top of the design.

Shirts should not be washed for 24 hours.

An industrial heat press is recommended for best results. A cricut heat press may not work.

DTF Washing Instructions

Wait 24 hours before first washing. Turn the garment inside out. Machine wash with mild detergent. NO bleach. Dry at a normal dryer setting on household machines. Do not dry clean. Do not use fabric softener. Instructions apply to the material only, please follow garment washing instructions as well.

How do you press a direct to film transfer?

It is important to know not all heat presses are alike, temperatures may vary and uneven temperatures during pressing may occur. Best practice is to preheat garment to remove excess moisture.

DTF printing for Hot Peel

 Align transfer and Press at 285 degrees for 10-12 seconds. Peel immediately! while keeping fabric taught. It should peel away from the fabric very smoothly.

Troubleshooting Hot Peel: Common issues are caused by uneven temps on the press. Uneven Temps cause cool spots on the film. There will be resistance when attempting a hot peel if there are cool spots. If there is resistance during the peel do not pull. Re-press for 3 seconds and attempt to peel again. If there is still resistance then wait until completely cooled, then peel. You can also resolve this by increasing your pressure.

DTF printing for Cold Peel

Align Transfer and Press at 285 degrees for 10-15 seconds. Allow Transfer to cool completely before removing clear film. Cover with parchment and re-press for 5 seconds to cure into the fabric. It is best practice to wait 24 hours before washing or stretching.

DTF Printing Trouble Shooting Cold Peel Film

BE SURE IT IS COMPLETELY COOL BEFORE ATTEMPTING REMOVAL! Although pressing issues are uncommon, If your transfer attempts to lift when removing the clear film, press it again for 2-5 seconds. You may need to increase your heat by 10 degrees, pressing time by 2-3 seconds or pressure dependent on your press. Digital Transfers are very forgiving and can tolerate temperature or pressing time a little longer than listed. These are guidelines – you should always test with your own equipment before attempting a full project.

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