How to Choose Ink for DTF Printer?

What kind of ink is DTF ink?

The ink used in DTF printers is a water-based pigment. Pigment is different than traditional dye; it’s more permanent and adheres better to fabric (and other materials).

Guide Before Buying DTF Ink

DTF ink is a newer product, but it’s already making waves in design circles. Let’s cover what you need to know before buying DTF white ink for your printer.

Be aware that all printers have their own requirements for ink, so make sure you read up on compatibility before hitting purchase.

Get an idea of how much the DTF ink price will be; some companies sell sample kits with a variety of colors and prices, while others sell individual bottles at full price.

Finally, consider how you plan to use DTF ink.

For example, if you want to create detailed designs on paper or wood, look for high-quality ink that won’t fade over time. If you just want something fun to draw with around town, any kind of DTF white ink should do fine.

There are many large DTF printers on market, and ink is of course an indispensable consumable. Do you know how to choose ink for DTF shirt printers? Let’s learn about it together.

  1. Original ink is generally tested by manufacturer for a long time, performance is relatively stable, and printing effect can be guaranteed.
  2. Original ink has good compatibility with print head of large DTF printer , it is not easy to block and damage print head, which can ensure that DTF printer maintains best working condition anytime and anywhere.
  3. Printing quality printed by original ink is higher, color expressiveness is strong, picture is delicate, and definition is high.
  4.  With continuous innovation of printing technology of DTF printing machine, cost of original ink has been continuously reduced, and price has become more and more affordable.

Do DTF Printers Work with Regular Ink Cartridges?

Yes! You can use your regular printer cartridges with most of these machines. However, you will be limited by how many times your cartridge can print before needing replacement or refilling . Most standard cartridges are filled with about 30 ml of ink; this means that they only have enough fluid for about 20 prints at maximum quality before running out completely.

Precautions for Installing Original Ink

  1. Add ink to ink cartridge, please add it according to color identification.
  2. A funnel can be used to assist when adding ink to avoid spilling ink.
  3. If you are changing different inks, you must clean relevant ink cartridges and ink paths to avoid mixing of different inks to produce impurities and block print head of DTF shirt printer.

Design Your Garments with Our DTF Printing Ink

DTF (Direct To Film) ink is an entirely new way of creating designs on fabric. Traditionally, white fabrics are pre-printed with colored or black designs.

To create a design in white onto colored fabric, designers have to use different methods like screen printing, embroidery, or heat transfers.

DTF offers a convenient and innovative solution for creating white garments using only a printer instead of needing separate printing equipment for pre-printed colors.

DTF ink gets its bold color by adding special coloring agents that form dyes when heated up and then applied by hand or printer directly onto cotton fibers that make up your clothing – heat press transfer is also an option.

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