A3 DTF Printer

  • Print head: 2*EPSON XP600
  • Printing Speed: 4.5sqm/h
  • Print Width: 30cm(12 inch)
  • Ink: 4C+W or 6C+W Pigment Ink
  • Ink Color: 6 Color Printing
  • RIP Software: Maintop, Photo print

Feature of A3 DTF Printer

  1. Space-saving, noise-saving and cost-saving, good for business use or household use.
  2. 6 color printing, suitable for various fabrics, high color fastness, washable.
  3. Humanized design, such as emergency stop switch, out of paper alarm, intelligent thermostat.
  4. Easily operated, DIY and custom printing.
  5. White ink circulation system, prevent clogging and ink loss.


Model Tk-A3 (A3 DTF Printer)
Nozzle Model 2*Epson XP600
Printing Speed High-speed Mode 4.5㎡/h
HD Mode 3.5㎡/h
Color 4C+W or 6C+W ( Lc Lm or Fluorescent as Optional )
Printing Format 300mm (12 inch)
Media Transfer Paper Tension
Heating Device Front and Back Heating
Ink Road System Automatic Ink Supply, White Ink Circulating and Stirring
Power Electric Supply 110V/220V 50-60HZ
Power 4KW
Working Environment Temperature 10-38℃ Humidity 40-70ph
Weight Machine:130kg  Package:50kg
Package Size 170*120*85cm
Area of Whole Machine 160*110*70cm

Applications of DTF Printing Machine

  • T-shirts. Most businessman start printing business from T-shirt printing. Because the market of T-shirt printing is stable, low cost and high profit, large amount order could be done in a short time.
  • Pockets of garment. Printing on pockets is not easy, need precise size, and attached perfectly, and looks vivid, DTF printing could match that.
  • Hats. There are various fabrics and styles hats, increases the difficulty of printing, easily damaged the hats when printing. DTF printing makes it possible to print logos and designs on challenging shapes hats.
  • Tags. Tags printing is common in apparel companies, and DTF printing could meet the various tags needs.
  • Pants. The same as T-Shirts and other apparel, DTF printing allows logos and designs to be printed on shorts or pants.
  • Shoes & bags & socks. DTF printing is suitable for denim, leather, canvas, polyester, cotton, etc.
  • Umbrella & mouse pad. There are no limitations to what DTF printing can create in terms of garments and apparel.

What Ink is Used For DTF Printing?

The ink used in the DTF printer is a special pigment designed as cyan, yellow, magenta, white and black. White ink is the basis of printing, and colorful pigments print patterns on film. DTF uses water-based inks. The CMYK DTF ink makes the pattern brilliant vivid and durable. DTF printing ink is specially formulated to a suitable consistency, experiencing greater binding properties for high endurance against washing and reliable performance on fabric. It prevents nozzle blockage and clogging for smooth and efficient printing on the substrates. The DTF ink is also fast drying, cutting the long wait for the drying process. It is durable, less fading, and works perfectly with synthetic fabrics.

Which Is Better, DTG or DTF?

DTG needs the pretreatment of the garment. It consists of heating the garment before printing the substrate’s design. DTF doesn’t need pretreatment. Because DTF involves the direct transfer of images onto T-shirt.

Besides, DTF transfers the image from the PET film to the fabric, but DTG allows to transfer images without PET film, making the process faster.

DTG only work with cotton, however, DTF is compatible with many fabrics, less limits to fabric.

DTF uses white as a main top coating, but DTG utilizes white ink on some areas.

All in all, both printing process have their pros and cons, but overall, DTF stands well in printing. It is mainly because of its compatibility with various fabrics and no pretreatment.